Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Stoneleigh 2012

The scene at our house the morning before Stoneleigh, Mum and Dad had arrived a couple of days before, so just the trailer to pack and 100miles to travel.

When we arrived at 'the cowsheds' Mike Weaver was already waiting with the FF estate on the trailer, so that was 3 of the cars for the stand already there.

 The trip down was foggy and wet, so the estate had another wash and polish ready for the next day. Mum and Dad did the same with Cecil, by the time the photo above was taken, Andy Roberts had arrived with Janey the Stag saloon and Kevin and Ann Warrington had buffed  their French blue 2000 OPaL to perfection.

Sunday saw the rest of the show cars arrive bright and early including Pete Johnson's Mk1 pi estate, formerly known as 'Gonzo', the shots above and below show the stand during the day.
It's fair to say the stand was busy all day, we had a great time.
Thanks to all who helped us put on the stand at Stoneleigh.

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