Saturday, 31 March 2012

Estate trailling arms part3

So I finally got to complete the trailling arm swap this morning. The halfshaft with new UJ had it's splines cleaned and greased, the new hub securing nylocs were tightened (gently) and it was time to put the drum back on.
The drum that came off had a couple of fairly deep grooves in it from the shoe rivets in a previous life. I had noticed this before but this time I could remedy it. I still have the original rear brakes off the pi from when I upgraded to Stag rears, so a quick ferret around had one of the pi ones ready to put on. The picture shows the grooved original on the right.

After putting the replacement drum on, reseting the rear brake adjusters and reconnecting the handbrake cables it was time to put the wheels back on and see what difference this work had made.

Driving the estate down the road I could instantly feel something missing.
When I replaced the original rubber bushes in the trailling arms for yellow poly ones I fitted new CW 520lb uprated springs. There has always been a little harshness from the rear end with no weight on board, it has always felt smoother with rear passengers. I put this down to the uprated rear springs.
This harshness has now gone, so it must have been down to the inferior yellow polys, good news.
So then I tried the estate up to about 70, much quieter, well you can here the exhaust more actually, but the knackered UJ must have been contributing it's own tune to the naturally more boomy estate ride. So that was two very noticeable differences, makes the job seem more worthwhile and if I can score some petrol tonight, we can go on the 'April fool's run' tomorrow.

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