Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Estate trailling arms part2 and my achilles heel

So the long day at work yesterday lasted just over 15hours, I was quite relieved to find that the expected long day today didn't materialise. So with a car run booked for Sunday there was no time to lose.  

 30mins in, the old trailling arm was off and after a bit of a struggle the refurbed arm was on and bolted up. But then disaster struck.

Whilst checking the driveshaft outer half, in preparation to regrease and slide it back into the inner section, I found the UJ was notchy and stiff in one plane. No play, but very stiff and very knackered.
Everybody reading this blog who works on their car will have an Achilles heel, think about it, something that you really detest and hate doing, that you always have problems with. Mine is UJs

After dismantling, this was what I found in the 'sealed for life' UJ. At least replacing this UJ will make a difference. After spending far too long replacing the joint I was left with the rebuilt shaft. 

I wont have any chance to get the shaft refitted and the handbrake and rear shoes reset until Saturday now, but at least this won't need doing first. I hate doing UJs.

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