Friday, 11 February 2011

Under pressure

No.3 injector is always the one that starts dribbling and not spraying properly,bringing on a misfire and frustration.So with an injector newly refurbed by me,sitting on the scuttle,I released the injector line and keeper plate and withdrew the injector.Reversing the process to install,starting the car showed no difference until the injector and line had self bled,then the car settled to a steady idle on six.Great,that seemed to work.

With new levels of enthusiasm and whilst on a roll,I decided to install the fuel pressure gauge that I got from Vinnie P.The gauge itself is a glycol damped 10bar gauge of approx. 60mm diameter.This got me thinking about a decent temporary place to install it in the car for some prolonged testing.The clock in a mk2 is about this size, I wonder.As you can see,a perfect fit.Microbore tube out through the cable grommet above the fuses and connect to the T-piece also provided in the kit

That's nice and neat,test for fuel leaks and road test.The gauge reads 100psi at tickover and before start up,but drops to 95psi under fairly hard to hard acceleration.This should be 105-110psi.So I may have a slightly under performing pump,or a PRV that needs tweaking.Hey ho,just goes to show that the gauge purchase was a good idea.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New seals

After trying to go out in the pi last night and other instances of misfire and uneven running that have shown up dribbling/dripping injectors as a cause, I decided that new seals would be a good starting point. I obtained some new seals from Jason Chinn and after reading online how Jason recommended changing them, I decided to practice on a couple of spare injectors that I have. Above is a photo of the component parts of a Lucas injector. The small ring is in fact a circlip, which once removed allows the centre of the injector to be pushed back through the outer body towards the threaded end.

The next photo shows the centre of the injector with a new seal fitted. I cleaned the inside of the
injector body with some WD40 (carb cleaner may have been best) and after lightly oiling I re inserted the centre back into the body.

    The final photo shows the reassenbled injector with the circlip back on and cleaned a little ready for installing and road testing. They are most likely things I did here that are not ideal, but the two re sealed injectors that I have now will be put on the car and trialled prior to resealng and rotating another pair of injectors.                                   Tune in next time as they say. 

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The clue is in the name.

So here I am, the first entry on my new blog.
After three years (this time) of Triumph ownership, I'm putting down on computer some of my experiences, as they happen, of  running big saloons as (almost) everyday cars.

Although not restoring either car, using and improving them both is almost inevitable, if you want to have reliable, jump in and drive, classics.

So to the cars. Two mk2s.

The 2500S estate, is an early example, which we have owned since Jan 2008, the 'catalyst' if you like.
Bought in Oxfordshire, and originally registered to BL Power and Transmissions division (an assessment car), with 4 previous owners, 1 for 29 years and with 113k on the clock.
It has many of the recognised improvements usually found on these cars.
Stag front brakes, polybushed suspension, Chris Witor springs and semi sport stainless exhaust, relays feeding the headlights etc. It has also had full outer and middle sills with new jacking points fitted last summer, just in time to compete in the Club Triumph RBRR.
With three kids between Amanda and I we often take advantage of the practicalities that the estates have to offer. It can also be seen at some of the bigger classic events towing a large trailer full of 'show' equipment, helping us in our role as 'Show coordinators' for the Triumph 2000 Register.

The pi saloon, tax free, manual overdrive, weathershield roof and factory power steering, it must have cost a fair bit when purchased in February '71. It was a company car registered to a banker at Lloyds of London EC1. We are the 8th owners, buying the car unseen off ebay, in October 2009, over 250 miles away. We drove it home too. Since then it has been to France, Scotland and numerous trips to my parents in Kent.
Originally bought to standin for the estate which had impending sill issues, at least that is what I told Amanda when showing her the car on the Netbook, she said 'bid on it if you want to, but you realise that the estate is mine if you win!'

So there you have it. You now know that we have two mk2s, and I have a partner who is more than understanding.
You will most likely have noticed mistakes in this entry, and hopefully if you come back to read further entries you will see an improvement.
Thanks for being patient as I learn how to 'blog'