Friday, 11 February 2011

Under pressure

No.3 injector is always the one that starts dribbling and not spraying properly,bringing on a misfire and frustration.So with an injector newly refurbed by me,sitting on the scuttle,I released the injector line and keeper plate and withdrew the injector.Reversing the process to install,starting the car showed no difference until the injector and line had self bled,then the car settled to a steady idle on six.Great,that seemed to work.

With new levels of enthusiasm and whilst on a roll,I decided to install the fuel pressure gauge that I got from Vinnie P.The gauge itself is a glycol damped 10bar gauge of approx. 60mm diameter.This got me thinking about a decent temporary place to install it in the car for some prolonged testing.The clock in a mk2 is about this size, I wonder.As you can see,a perfect fit.Microbore tube out through the cable grommet above the fuses and connect to the T-piece also provided in the kit

That's nice and neat,test for fuel leaks and road test.The gauge reads 100psi at tickover and before start up,but drops to 95psi under fairly hard to hard acceleration.This should be 105-110psi.So I may have a slightly under performing pump,or a PRV that needs tweaking.Hey ho,just goes to show that the gauge purchase was a good idea.

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  1. Give it about 112psi at idle and you will get about 108-109 at full bore - goes lovely then. That is how Dougs is set up anyway.