Wednesday, 9 February 2011

New seals

After trying to go out in the pi last night and other instances of misfire and uneven running that have shown up dribbling/dripping injectors as a cause, I decided that new seals would be a good starting point. I obtained some new seals from Jason Chinn and after reading online how Jason recommended changing them, I decided to practice on a couple of spare injectors that I have. Above is a photo of the component parts of a Lucas injector. The small ring is in fact a circlip, which once removed allows the centre of the injector to be pushed back through the outer body towards the threaded end.

The next photo shows the centre of the injector with a new seal fitted. I cleaned the inside of the
injector body with some WD40 (carb cleaner may have been best) and after lightly oiling I re inserted the centre back into the body.

    The final photo shows the reassenbled injector with the circlip back on and cleaned a little ready for installing and road testing. They are most likely things I did here that are not ideal, but the two re sealed injectors that I have now will be put on the car and trialled prior to resealng and rotating another pair of injectors.                                   Tune in next time as they say. 

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