Thursday, 3 March 2011

What a difference a day makes

As well as the mk2s we also have Amanda's Peugeot 206 diesel, it's a very early base model, more like a trimmed van than anything else, no electric windows etc, so everything still works. The front seats had stopped sliding as well as tilting to allow rear passengers to exit, the parts from Peugeot were ridiculously expensive so a complete interior was purchased off ebay. Below is before work started.
Removal of the seats was followed by door trims and seatbelts, along with the centre console and carpet. Replacement was in the best traditon of the 'Haynes' manual, reversal of removal, except that the new interior has 60:40 split rear seats which required more bolts for fixing and I had also fitted and cabled rear speakers to go in the holes behind the rear side trims. More adjustments were also required to allow the three 3-point rear belts to work and holes were made in the front door trims to allow the window winder to be installed. All the additional fixing points were in the shell already and the fixings came with the interior.
The picture above shows how it looks now, a big improvement and all in less than a day. First drive in the car to see how the new seats felt was to the Post Office to pick up the new 'show' equipment which will be debuting at Stoneleigh on Sunday. No photos of that, you will have to come to the 2000 Register stand and see for yourself.

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