Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Parts painted and thrust washers

 The freshly blasted strut parts were kept in the boilerhouse at work this week,lovingly painted with black smootherite and left to dry overnite between coats, they are now ready for reassembly.
Probably not quite the finish you would get had they been powder coated,but I had the paint and brushes already,so all it cost was time.
Having stripped two sets of front struts,I have four strut top rubber mounts.All four appear to be in good condition,two will be used by myself,two by Alan Chatterton for DEL 33.The other part that can wear on the strut assemblies are the thrust washers.These can create tight spots as you turn the steering wheel.The photo below shows the 8 thrust washers I have,they are showing varying degrees of wear to the teflon like coating on one side of them.The top row left is very worn like a bearing shell and scored,others show areas of coating that have chipped off and worn away.Having received 8 new ones from Chris Witor today,I can confirm that I have 1 or possibly two that could be used again,the left two on the second row.

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