Thursday, 24 March 2011

Raising the pressure

I had a day off today,so I started by changing the cotton reel rear exhaust mount on the estate.I noticed it was broken when polishing the tailpipe on the stand at Stonleigh and meant to change it there,but hey-ho.
The garage has been in need of a tidy for quite some time,so I gave this a bit of a go today.I turned up a bonnet pull cable that I had forgotten I had,so the one on the pi that was broken at the T handle was duly changed.I just changed the inner cable,greasing it before install has made it much easier to pull. 
Attention was then turned to the PRV that I still hadn't adjusted.The photo above shows what lies under the left hand boot board,on the left is the auxilliary fuesbox I installed,fed direct from the battery,one fuse then powers the pump via the relay next to it.The relay is triggered by the original fuel pump wiring.
Mounted at the top right corner of the pump carrier bracket is the PRV.After clamping the HP fuel hose from the pump to the PRV (the C shape hose) I took the top mounting bolt out of the PRV,this allowed it to be tilted up at the back as shown in the next photo,so that when I removed the return hose from the end to access the adjuster screw,I could see what I was attempting to do.
 A clockwise half turn was tried first,the pipework reconnected and the clamp removed.This gave me roughly the reading I was advised by Andy Thompson to look for,thanks Andy.108-110psi on tickover seems OK.A quick trip round the block showed the car to be pulling well.
In a little show of 'character' a misfire crept in as I reversed up the drive.I suspected no1 injector was not playing,pulling it out confirmed this so I changed it for an overhauled one and after a few seconds normal running was resumed.

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