Saturday, 2 April 2011

Leaking diffs

The differential front oil seals on both our cars are leaking,the estate has always been dry up until a week or so ago,but the pi one has leaked from day one.The diff on the estate I have always suspected of being noisy,with a definate 'whooshing' sound at speed.With this in mind I went to see Mike Papworth this morning,with a spare 'unknown' estate diff and some Timken bearings that I have picked up from somewhere.Mike and his assistant Darren both said the same thing when the back cover came it looks like a full rebuild.At least the bearings and oil seal I took with me will make the cost a bit less and as Mike said,you can't just buy Timken bearings off the shelf.I should have it back the weekend of Crich Triumph day via Mr.Chatterton or Mike if he decides to go.
I didn't come home fromMike's empty handed though,my Dad had asked me to speak to Mike about some reconditioned halfshaft and hub assemblies for his T6 bodied mk1 GT6.We shall fit these when Mum and Dad come up to stay just before Crich.
Below are pics of these.Not a bad day for Mr Papworth then!

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