Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Diff and strut latest.

Firstly a photo of the freshly rebuilt differential for Amanda's estate, carrying it from Alan Chatterton's Audi to the pi boot at Crich was not an easy task. Not looking forward to lifting that in to place!
 It has to be said that if the outside looks of the diff are any reflection on what the insides look like,Mike Papworth has done a great job.Thanks also to Alan,not only for picking up the diff from Mike and bringing it to Crich,but also for taking Dad's old driveshafts back to Mike.
And so to this evening.My freshly painted strut tubes need building back up,the thread in one was a little challenged and although the insert retaining ring was picking up,it needed winding in with a tool.
 The inserts I got from E J Ward have pin drive retaining rings rather than a hexagon nut.This is wound in as far as needed to stop the insert moving up and down.Two washers were needed as packing pieces under the strut insert,don't forget to pinch the top in to stop the retaining ring coming undone.
 I knocked up a 'tool' for the retaining rings out of some flat bar and two 4mm bolts.A hole cutter removed the centre to allow the damper rod to pass through and the bolts were secured by tapping the holes and screwing them in.
Guessing the positions for the bolt holes gave me two rather than three pins lining up,but that was enough to wind them in whilst the strut was held in the vice.The bottom superflex spring insulators can be seen in place.Just the springs and strut tops to fit on along with gaitors and top spring insulators.Then on to the pi ready for it's MOT.

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