Thursday, 14 April 2011

'Cars on your drive always end up with their wheels off!'

That was what my neighbour said this morning when he popped home for a couple of bits from his garage.I guess he is possibly right.Mum and Dad arrived yesterday,the longest journey the GT6 has done since Dad rebodied her with a T6 Fabrications fibreglass LeMans body.Today's 'wheels off' adventure was to change the rear driveshafts and hub assemblies for ones rebuilt by Mike Papworth.  
 One advantage of Dad's car is the total absense of rusty fastenings to hamper jobs,the old unit he has in his gloved hands is nearly as clean as the new one.
 The shafts come complete with hubs and brake backplate,so the brake shoes,cylinders,adjusters etc need to be removed from the old and replaced on the new.Not much left on the nearside.
 Looks better all back together with brakes bled and the reasons for changing them were proved correct upon examnation,both UJ's were showing signs of fatigue and one wheel bearing felt a bit rough!
 After putting the car back on the ground and driving back and forth to allow the suspension to settle,it was up on some small wooden ramps to allow me to tighten the radius arm bolts with the car's weight on them.
 Next job was on a more familiar car,but still involved wheels coming off.Time to fit the Stag rear drums on the PI.
Brakes dismantled and driveshafts withdrawn,no dramas with the six securing studs in the alloy trailling ams!
 A quick and gentle wire brush of the studs and trailing arm mounting face,then a light dusting with the copper grease spray and we are ready for reassembly.
 Cleaned the splines of the driveshafts and coated with CV grease to try and avoid spline lock after replacing the refurbed Stag backplate assemblies.
 Dad attacked the drum facings with a sotchbrite pad and some gunwash and they were back on.Also fitted a new rear cable on the handbrake and reset the brakes after bleeding the new cylinders.They do look nice though.

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