Tuesday, 22 November 2011

RBRR prep starts here.

The very first part of a cunning plan began this evening as I picked these up locally. 
 The last RBRR was very wet on the M5 from Bristol in the early hours of Sunday morning and we already have a V8 estate and a 4x4 V8 estate on the run,the only logical car missing was a 4x4 estate with a 6. Hence the large off road wheels and tyres!
Obviously I am joking,Amanda wouldn't part with the MOMOs.Preparation for us will possibly involve some more bodywork,I have the panels to get the rear end of the estate refurbished.......I just need the money to get Pete to do it!
We are car 55 this time and along with all the other competitors we will be raising money for 'Children with Cancer'.October 2012 seems along way off at the moment,but it will soon be here.Good luck to everyone else who is now getting their mind focused on car preparation and see you all at 'The Plough'

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