Friday, 21 February 2014

'Car bedroom' and gathering of parts

The double boarding in the garage was completed last week with Dad helping to do the last 10 boards. The larger plasterboard sheets for the walls in the bedroom above arrived and were passed up through the joists to save taking them in the house and up the stairs. Then Amanda helped me finish the first layer of ceiling that had been left off and continue the second layer before Mum nad Dad came to stay.
The completion of the plasterboard then meant that the skim of plaster (for fire regs) could be applied. So this Wednesday evening when we got home from work this was the scene that met us in the garage.
Once dry this plaster can be painted, the lights fixed up and the garage can be used for storge for the time being and then FRanK preparation for the RBRR.
On thursday some parts for that preparation arrived. Some HD rear springs from Mr.Witor, with +5mm poly insulators just incase. The two-tone air horns are less neccessary, they won't help with three fairly heavy drivers, full tanks of petrol and a boot full of spares, tools and jack like the springs will but........................I always wanted some and Amanda refuses to travel in FRanK if I reinstall the Maserati (La Cucaracha no less) air horns that I have. Spoil sport!

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