Sunday, 19 January 2014

Another step closer.......

So after another week or so we were watertight, roof was on, windows were in and garage doors were ordered. We were told the doors would be delivered before Christmas, perfect timing with only a few days here and there (at work) they would be on in time for the new year.

So some pit boards were cut and placed over the pit and the area was tidied in readiness for some painting. With the cost of electricity getting more and more everyday it makes sense to emulsion the walls white to fully reflect the natural light when available and the fluorescent light when it's not.

The picture above shows FRanK in his new 'house' but taken through the rear door opening. Painting the walls has so far taken 28litres of emulsion and the ceiling hasn't been started yet! The garage doors finally arrived last Wednesday night, after lots of fobbing off from the garage door company. So this meant that we needed to get them fitted.
Work have been clearing their postroom and one very strong bench with a lockable cabinet below had taken my eye, so Saturday morning, very early I went in with the trailer to pick it up.

It was still dark when I got home with the bench in tow. Fitting the two roller doors was reasonably easy except for the loading of the shutter into the side runners. Amanda and her parents helped with this along with the tensioning of the rear manual roller. The end result is that FRank and HOE now have a secure garage/workshop to be cared for and pampered in. Just the ceiling to go in and painting, lights, floor painting.........and then there is the rest of the extension to finish. It's looking pretty good so far though.

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