Thursday, 22 May 2014

RBRR is getting closer!

As the title suggests, time waits for no man but a leaking diff will ruin itself in the end.
With this in mind and the Runswick weekend only 5 days away I decided that the incontinent nose oil seal had to go. The diff was looking pretty rough and the oil stains on the garage floor and pit boarding are annoying.

With the use of a trolley jack (and mole grips on some very overused nylocs!) the diff was out and on a dolly to move around.

Ihad anticipated that the original mounting bushes would be tired and got some superflex ones in stock for this job.
After much cleaning and painting the diff was at least ready for it's new leather lipped seal. Having been soaked in EP90 for 72hrs it was hopefully swelled enough to do the job.

I never throw away old bearings as they come in handy one day. Can't remember what this was from but its the perfect size to install the seal.
The diff was then installed back under the car with it's refurbished quill shaft housing, new bushes and new Nylocs. It looks much better in real life, the camera phone isn't like a DSLR in low light conditions (sorry).
The car was then put back on the ground, refilled with fresh oil and taken to Runswick a couple of days later.
270 leak free miles were travelled and along with  the new 575lb rear springs which were popped in one afternoon whilst I made a cup of tea (they are that easy really) FRanK performed really well and the rear springs gave an improved and more controlled ride. Just why I bought them really.
One more thing crossed off the 'to do' list.

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