Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Honing and ringing the changes

After buying a 3 legged  glaze busting tool it was time with the help of my son Callum and some WD40 to 'hone' the bores ready to accept the new piston rings. This allows them to bed in correctly.
I had already been advised that it was difficult to over hone the bores, so a nice matt finish was what I was looking for. I think the slight recess near the top is normal on a higher mileage engine.....don't forget this isn't a full rebuild, just a way of reducing oil consumption, a refresh.

Half an hor later and a large can of WD40 and all 6 bores were done. I had covered the crank journals with blue paper roll before starting to catch the swarf . I was pleased with the results we achieved and put clean roll back in the bores once they had been liberally cleansed with more WD40.

So to my £10 purchase from Stafford last year. A set of standard size Cords rings, specifically designed for sprucing up an older engine.

Following the instructions soon had the cleaned pistons looking much better. Just a matter of  re-installing them back in the bores with the aid of the piston ring clamp and lots of fresh SAE30 engine oil, my chosen lubricant for the initial 500 mile breaking in period.  

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