Saturday, 7 June 2014

Curing FRanK's smoking habit.

With only 4 weeks until the 2000 Register National in Northumberland and the Club Triumph RBRR looming ever closer I decided that what was needed was an engine refresh for FRanK.
After conducting a dry compression test with 120-135psi readings across the cylinders and performing a wet test on the lowest which increased the reading to 180psi, I was fairly certain the rings were at fault.
So one evening I dropped the coolant out on the drive and pulled FranK back into the garage and over the pit.

A little spannering saw the battery out of the way and the injectors out, along with throttle bodies and exhaust manifold unbolted.

The complete water pump housing and under manifold pipe removed. Rocker gear and pushrods were safely stored in a numbered piece of card and the head securing nuts removed.
A little persuassion soon had the head lifted and on the bench.

The colour of the valve heads looked Ok but pretty dirty.

The good news continued when scraping off the top of a piston showed standard (original) size markings. The bores looked good to go with a little bit of work with a glaze buster and the Cords rings bought last year at Stafford could add the lease of life FRanK needed.

To be continued........

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  1. Have you an email address I can contact you on - Yorkshire Triumphs gave me your name.
    Cheers Neil