Saturday, 30 November 2013

RBRR '14 Team 78 preperation starts here......

In 2010 and 2012, we used HOE for the RBRR, for 2014 it's FRanK's turn. Figuring that it's never too early to start preparing for an event like this, back in September we started on new preparation facilities.

First thing to do was a good clear out. So after many trips to the tip and back, my work, Amanda's parents cellar and the loft the garage was empty. We had managed to squirrel everything away.

So then we knocked the garage down........carefully though, as we wanted to re-use as many of the rooftiles and bricks as we could. Then we handed over the reins to our next door neighbour and builder Kevin.

Along with some of his mates he dug holes, filled skips and layed concrete. Bricks and blocks were layed, drains re-routed and scaffolding arrived.

One of the holes was lined and bricked up, with a steel frame around the top, I'm sure this could come in useful in the future, not sure what for yet though.

This is how the 'facilities' were shaping up this morning, although I did help Kevin with some felting and battening on the roof after this photo. By this time next week the roof will be finished and the windows fitted. Roller shutters front and back will make everything weather tight and secure after that and then Amanda and I can start the interior fit out of our new bedroom with ensuite and dressing area. Time to make use of being an electrician and building services engineer.  

Once that is done, I can start on the cars' new room and then FRanK's preparation for next year's event. So in a roundabout way preparation had already begun before the entry form arrived from Club Triumph. Hope we started early enough!

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