Monday, 26 August 2013

New arches for HOE

After what seems like an age, we now have repair panels or full panels to give HOE a much needed lift in the bodywork department

The final pieces needed were repair sections for the front wings.
These will look great on the car with a new front valance, rear wings and new rear valance.
The sills were replaced (Stanpart full outers and Earlpart middles) just before the 2010 RBRR so I guess the panel gathering has been going on since then.
The repair sections have plenty of metal in them and I fully expect Pete Johnson (Yorkshire Triumphs) to trim them a bit before welding them in, they do seem to have a very good profile with the arch shape flattening slightly at the top as per original.
I am very pleased to have got hold of these...Cheers Phill.
So by the start of the 2014 RBRR HOE should be looking very ship shape.

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