Friday, 1 June 2012

A foot in the door of recovery

My last blog entry finished with me about to take (with Dad driving obviously) FRanK for an MOT. So the photo above of FRanK at Blyton circuit is an indulgence due to him passing the test.
The remaining photos are what was uncovered today when the bandage and dressing was taken off by the nurse. A good rate of healing for seven days.

After a buff over with a wet wipe to remove what was inaccessible for a week it was clear to see (but not so much in the pics) that all the foot is bruised and at least yellow but in some places purple.


At least it is on the mend and I can put socks and shoes on both feet for the first time in a week. My apologies for the foot pictures I have had some complaints about the last ones.

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