Friday, 15 June 2012

The best Father's Day present ever?

Sadly like many families these days my kids live with their Mum and stay with us every other weekend.
This weekend (handily) they are with me. Callum who is 12, asked me when he arrived this evening if I wanted my father's day present now.
Not wanting to stop his obvious enthusiaism, I replied 'Yes ok'
He shot off to his bedroom to get it out of his bag and after closing my eyes as instructed, this is what I received.

He made the frame himself and even etched the perspex with the logos via some special computerised printer at school. It isn't important that Father has an extra r in it, although it may be apt, (Callum is so used to spellchecker these days he never checks things!) Kids frustrate you at the best of times, but occassionally they really make you so happy.
I think it maybe the best Father's Day present ever! 

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