Sunday, 27 May 2012

Surgery... nearside inner sill and offside upper ankle.

Mum and Dad came up this weekend for a few reasons. Their mk1 2000 (Cecil) had a bootfull of megasquirt equipment and a CW 6-3-1 for me,  all collected from Andy Borris recently, who is moving on from efi to something a bit more ambitious! Dad also wanted Pete at Yorkshire Triumphs to tidy a small section on the n/s inner sill. So Saturday morning saw us at Rawcliffe and Cecil on the 2 post lift.
Pete needed better access to the area so unbolted the rear subframe mount and ant-vibe strap and while one person hung off the front of the car, another hung off the subframe, whilst Pete slid a large piece of wood into wedge it away from it's mount.

A bit of grinding, cutting, fabricating and welding followed, finished off with some sealant

and a few coats of underbody waxoyl protection left the offending area as below.

The last reason for their visit was my ankle operation on Friday.
I now have a little time to plan the efi install on HOE, I will be off work for a few weeks whilst I heal (no pun intended) as I can barely walk let alone drive and sadly it was my right ankle so even an auto is out of the question, Pete had already offered his auto VDP 2600 SD1 for the duration.

The photo above shows some of the bruising and swelling, with the photo below showing the swelling compared to my left foot. Hopefully I will be a little more fit for walking/driving by the Register National week in June.

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