Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Prescott alternative

This weekend just gone had an alternative to the marque day at Prescott, the North Yorkshire Triumph Weekend. This is the second year Amanda nad I have been, although last year we didn't take any kids with us. I was lucky enough to be off on Friday so we decided that Amanda would come up in the Peugeot with Kirsten and Callum after she finished work, I would load HOE up during the day (saving us from taking the trailer) and go on ahead, hopefully getting the tent up before they arrived.
HOE was fairley loaded up with even the front passenger seat and footwell loaded up.

An hour or so after arriving the tent was up. It was pretty windy and without the help of Adie, Tony and Martin(Raider on these blogs) I wouldn't have managed it.
Amanda and the kids arrived just after six with the rest of our group coming in just after that.

By eight or so we were all fed, the tents were up and we settled around wood burners and enjoyed the beer and darkness.
Saturday morning is taken up with a drive out across the N Yorks moors. Very steep hills, breath taking scenery and Triumphs, well illustrated in the photos below, with my son Callum having his first ride in a spitfire with Richard. He loved it.

Midpoint of the run is a pub called the Lion (highest pub in N Yorks), it's very popular.

Saturday evening is a party in the large marque on site with a live band. Everyone enjoys this, young and old.
Sunday morning is the car show and packing up the tent, driving home with a late dinner break on the way at Yeddingham where we like to camp occassional weekends.
So we had a fantastic weekend and the kids really want to go again next year, well you can't let them down can you?

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