Thursday, 5 May 2011

Struts and stuff

Day off today,so as Amanda left for work,I took up the vacant space on the drive.The front struts have been built up for a week or so,just neded to swap them out.A simple nuts and bolts job really,don't forget the shims on the bottom two (smaller) bolts!I used some non setting caravan sealant at the top where the strut bolts up to the inner wing.

The difference is obvious from before and after.Next it was off for the MOT,which FRanK passed with flying colours.The ride has improved and seems quieter,less harsh,but more contolled.
This Sunday we are off down to a car show at Wallingford near Didcot with our friends Mike and Ann Stevens,it's their local show.Whilst the tyres on the pi are good enough to pass the MOT,they are 'old'.Classic cars are great,classic tyres aren't,especially if you are going a long way at higher speeds.So the solutions were,swap the wheels from the estate to the pi,or buy a set of tyres for the 14'' Stag steels I intend fitting to the pi.I hate 'S' alloys you see.
I then remembered that the MOMOs dont have enough clearance for the Stag rear drums I have just fitted to the pi.The raised lettering wont allow the wheels to sit flat,a problem that others have found with Stag rear brakes.So it was looking like major expense for new rubber.Until I found some 5mm spacers at the local accessory shop.Do I have enough clearance for 6''x14''s shod with 195/70/14 and 5mm spacers?

The photo above proves that I do........just,although its not a gap that a finger will fit in.I also gave FRanK a celebratory polish in readiness for Sunday's parade and show.

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