Monday, 9 May 2011

A smashing day.......not!

We got up early this morning and left home at half six with 170miles to travel to Mike and Ann's near Wallingford.Just short of jct27 on the M1 the day took an unexpected turn.With a sound like a gunshot the toughened screen became the world's hardest jigsaw. At least it stayed intact and I piloted us off the motorway and into this layby by peering through the 'zebrazone'.

The kids were with us when the screen in the estate went nearly 3 years ago,at least we had no ears this time.
Recovery arrived within 40mins and we were loaded and on our way home.At least it was only a little after 9 by the time we got home.First job was to remove the broken screen and contain the mess.Still intact after the recovery,front seats were removed and dust sheets put down.The glass was removed and the car hoovered.
The dashboard in FRanK has always been warped and split since we have had him,access seemed better with no screen,so I started to unbolt that too,I had a better one in the garage.

Without the dash the cabin looks very different,my son Callum's legs can be seen in the photo,he was helping me with the work today.

A little later on we had the new dash in and bolted up,the steering column to dash bolts were a challenge but we got there.I'm also going to change the wood binnacle for a better one but with my 'known' gauges.I tried to reverse the car back in the garage without the gauges installed,because the ballast resistor circuit was not completed with the tachometer disconnected,I didn't get beyond firing up and instantly stalling.Plugged back in the car ran fine.

Shouldn't take a lot of imagination to workout who I will be ringing tomorrow and about what.

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