Saturday, 13 September 2014

Hindsight and all that

Early start at Yorkshire Triumphs this morning, Pete had offered me the use of the liFt and tranny jack as he knew that FRanK needed a clutch change for the RBRR. YT are running a mk1 2000 estate in the event this year, their first go.
So at just after 8 the bench was layed out ready for the fun to begin.

FRanK assumed the position, before he was elevated the battery was disconnected and the gearlever removed.

Exhaust, propshaft, wiring, starter motor and speedo cable were disconnected/removed and the tranny jack was positioned under the box to take the strain as the gearbox subframe was removed. back of the gearbox was lowered and the rest of the bellhousing to backplate bolts and the clutch slave cylinder were removed.
With some assistance from Pete (these o/d boxes are a little heavy!) the gearbox was pulled back to disegage the input shaft from the clutch and the box was out on the ground.

Pete then set too replacing the UJs on the prop, a little play was detected a month or two ago and 2400miles in a few days may have been too much for them. Some of GKNs finest (from YT)  were used.

First impressions were that the fingers were a little worn but at least there wasn't a rampant leak from the crankshaft oil seal. The starter motor is tyraped to the drag strut, saved disconnecting it.

Once the old clutch had been removed and sat next to the new one, the differences were obvious. Although not quite at the rivets, the wear was substantial and worse towards the outside, the cover also showed signs of getting hot/slipping. The flywheel was fine, not scored or marked. Result!

The picture below (pre alignment) shows the new clutch in position. The relase bearing was changed for a new RHP one, the old Japanese one was like a percussion instrument when you shook it.

It all went back in the reverse order, new downpipe gasket etc, etc. Then I remembered that the replacement box was dry. Should have filled it with oil before hoisting it back into position. 
Do you think I could get the filler plug out. By now it was early afternoon and I was alone at YT. So back tomorrow morning with Pete, he will weld a nut to the rounded bung for me, the heat will have assisted the removal process too hopefully. So just the oil to do, refit the gearlever and connect the battery. I knew filling the box on the bench was the easiest option...........

Looks nice though and Pete lent me his Gitfire for the trip home, a sort of coutesy car. Goes very well, but I couldn't imagine doing the RBRR in one.

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