Wednesday, 8 May 2013

All change but no change

In the last few weeks I have been chauffered around by Amanda, we have done a run in the estate at the beginning of April, also on drive it day and last sunday to the coast for a fish and chips run. To say I am a little fed up with not being able to walk or drive would be an understatement, but hey ho.
I had an appointment with the consultant yesterday for the latest check on my ankle's progress. So I started the day in plaster much as I finished the last blog entry. After Xrays it was time for a look with the latest cast taken off. This is the third rendition so far as they have removed them in the past to check the healing progress. I knew that I was starting to show signs of muscle wastage on my thigh but when the cast was removed I was surprised by how much my lower leg has lost.

The Xrays were thankfully showing no problems and the healing process seems fine after 7 and a half weeks. the picture below shows the main incision site on the side of my foot (which is a little swollen) 

The photo below shows the wound where the screws were put in to secure the heel bone. This wound is taking a long time to heel due to the lack of air around it in the cast. Monitoring this was the reason for the casts being removed previously. I have photos of how it looked after 10days, horror make up best describes that.

So I have now got a cast back on, just as before with the next review in 4 weeks time......All change but no change!

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  1. hey I know it has been 5 years since you blogged about your ankle injury, but I was hoping I could use the main image -? I'm a physiotherapist and I'm looking for images of atrophy to put into a mini-slideshow on the topic