Thursday, 4 October 2012

RBRR final prep.

Dad came up yesterday in readiness for the RBRR,(up the A1 again) Mum has stayed at home with their daily driver BMW so Dad came up in the T6. Today I drove it over to show Pete at Yorkshire Triumphs after we had spannered a bit on HOE and the rebuilt engine is loosening up nicely, in fact it was a very enjoyable 40mile round trip.

So what did we do on HOE?
Readjusted the front wheel bearings, the front pads were suffering some heavy knock back, the bearings had settled nicely and just needed a little tweak.
I also fitted a new spring and plunger to the bottom of the more annoying buzz from that anymore! Gearbox, diff and engine oil levels were checked along with PAS oil and belt. Radiator and oveirflow bottles were checked and wipers replaced. I also got some K-Seal just in case. UJs greased and gearbox mount checked, along with some bolt security checking and then off to the garage to fuel up and jet wash. A light polish and RainX later this is what we are left with.

Just some bits to chuck in the back tomorrow and then off to the Plough...see you there.
Just a thought for the 'other' big saloon in our life, still dirty from the trackday and left behind tomorrow, always a bridesmaid, never the bride!

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