Saturday, 15 September 2012

The pi is ready

Once home from work yesterday I got changed and started the last bits of prep work on the pi before next Friday's trackday. First on the list was changing the large (baked bean can) subframe bushes. Just like on HOE they were very weak, but they were most likely the originals as they were Avon not repros.
I had a very good used set in stock so I cleaned and painted them before install.
The last job left on the list was changing the trailing arm bushes. 
After swapping the arms on HOE I had cleaned up the ones I took off, installed new Superflex bushes and left them in the garage in readiness for changing them over on FRanK. So after changing the subframe bushes I took off the back wheels and removed the rear drums and driveshafts leaving what you see in the picture below.


I then went indoors to clean up and have some tea. The rest could wait until today.
One thing worth mentioning is that I installed the Stag rear brakes less than 18months ago, I didn't have any new Nylocs for the  6 a side hub retaining studs, so (as they looked in good condition and were very tight) I re-used them. All 12 of them were literally finger tight. I have done a few miles since then and a trackday, but I was quite shocked how all of them had loosened off. I now have and will use on re-assembly, new Nylocs. You should too.
Today I swapped the arms over, it all went well until I was installing the halfshaft on the second side. I rested the brake backplate on the studs of the arm and reached over for the halfshaft when the backplate fell off the studs to the floor, breaking the metal brake pipe flush with the male connector at the back of the wheel cylinder. I thought it was all going so well.
Molegrips on the flexi stopped the fluid leak, realising that the brakepipe was very long and could be rebent to give some spare changed my mood a bit and I located the flaring tool and new fittings in the garage. Taking the brakepipe off and using the vice for help, I reformed the Kunifer and flared the fresh end. Usually I use copper pipe with my flaring tool, Kunifer takes a lot more effort, the vice was employed again to assist with this. The remade pipe was put back on and tightened and Amanda assisted with the bleeding of the cylinder. Once back on the ground and driven back and forth to reset the back suspension I tightened the trailing arm bolts. The picture below shows the new arm installed on the driver's side before the passenger side (marathon) was started.

So that is Frank ready for the trackday, the original rubber bushes in the trailing arms were very soft and mushy. The new Suprflex bushes, along with the changed subframe bushes and progressive front springs should make quite a bit of difference on the road and a lot of difference at Blyton. Also without realising Team 55 has a viable plan B car for the RBRR, should anything happen to HOE in the next few weeks.

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